Ward van Pelt


Pictures of our annual field campaigns to Svalbard can be found here.


  • SIOS conference on remote sensing in Svalbard [online; 4-5 Jun.; link]
  • IASC Network on Arctic Glaciology annual meeting [Obergurgl, Austria; 28-30 Jan.; link]
  • Snow4all workshop [Kiruna, Sweden; 14-16 Jan.]


An electronic copy of my PhD-thesis, defended in 2014, can be found here!

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Ward van Pelt
Email: ward.van.pelt @ geo.uu.se
Date of Birth: March 10, 1985
Place of Birth: Vlissingen, The Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch
Since 2017 Researcher, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
2015-2016 Postdoctoral researcher, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
2014 Research assistant, Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø, Norway
2009-2014 Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (IMAU), University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Thesis: Modelling the dynamics and boundary processes of Svalbard glaciers
2006-2009 M.Sc. (cum laude) in Meteorology, Physical Oceanography and Climate at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Thesis: Modeling the mass balance of the Morteratsch glacier, Switzerland acrobat logo
2003-2006 B.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Since 2020 GIS and Remote Sensing (1GE100), Uppsala University, co-teacher
Since 2019 Snow and Ice Processes (AGF-212), University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), co-teacher
Geomorphology and Earth Surface Processes (1GE042), Uppsala University, co-teacher
Runoff (1TV443), Uppsala University, co-teacher
Since 2018 Field Methods in Earth Science (1GE043), Uppsala University, co-teacher
Since 2017 Statistics and Data Analysis Methods (1HY013), Uppsala University, lab assistant
Snow Physics and Hydrology (1GE056), Uppsala University, lab assistant
Research Trends in Physical Geography and Hydrology (1HY045), Uppsala University, co-teacher
Meteorology, Hydrology and Environmental Measurement Techniques (1TV015), Uppsala University, co-teacher
Landscape Development (1GE143), Uppsala University, co-teacher
Since 2016 Glaciology and Landscape Processes (1GE040), Uppsala University, co-teacher
2017-2019 Remote Sensing with Meteorological Applications (1ME410), Uppsala University, co-teacher
2014 Ice and Climate summer school (Karthaus, Italy), invited lecturer
2010-2013 Ice & Climate, Utrecht University, lab assistant
2019-2023 Swedish National Space Agency - Career position grant ["Glacier ice thickness estimation using satellite data"; main applicant; 3.6 MSEK; link]
2018-2022 Swedish National Space Agency - PhD position grant ["Retrieval of snow properties from SAR"; co-applicant; 3.8 MSEK; link]
2017-2021 VINNOVA - Sustainable development grant ["A snow quality assessment tool based on new techniques and Sámi knowledge (Snow4all)"; co-applicant; 2.9 MSEK; link]
2011-2019 Field campaigns to Nordenskiöldbreen, Svalbard (~10 days). Activities: AWS servicing, installing GPSs, stake measurements, snow profiling and radar measurements.
2014 Field campaign to Kongsfjorden, Svalbard (4 weeks). Field activities: stake measurements, radar measurements and snow profiling.
Conference visits

Conference contributions are listed under Publications.

2020 SIOS EO/RS/GI conference - online
IASC NAG meeting - Obergurgl, Austria
2019 Svalbard Science Conference - Oslo, Norway
Svalbard Snow Network workshop - Warszawa, Poland
IASC NAG meeting - Geilo, Norway
2018 IGS Nordic Branch meeting - Rovaniemi, Finland
2017 Svalbard Science Conference - Oslo, Norway
IGS Nordic Branch meeting - Uppsala, Sweden
Melt water retention workshop - Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 NÅGLAMB workshop - Oslo, Norway
IGS Nordic Branch meeting - Tromsø, Norway
Melt water retention workshop - Copenhagen, Denmark
TIGRIF meeting - Tromsø, Norway
IASC NAG meeting - Benasque, Spain
2015 IGS Nordic Branch meeting - Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Scientific Advisory Board meeting - Oslo, Norway
IGS Nordic Branch meeting - Reykjavik, Iceland
SVALI annual meeting - Reykjavik, Iceland
Calving and Surging workshop - Utrecht, Netherlands
2013 IGS Nordic Branch meeting - Lammi, Finland
2012 BBOS Autumn symposium - Nijmegen, the Netherlands
IGS symposium Alaska - Fairbanks, USA
PISM workshop - Hamburg, Germany
2011 AGU Fall meeting - San Francisco, USA
IGS Nordic Branch meeting - Oslo, Norway
2010 BBOS Autumn symposium - Callantsoog, Netherlands
IASC NAG meeting - Obergurgl, Austria