Ward van Pelt

Fieldwork 2017

Pictures of the 2017 field campaign to Nordenskiöldbreen, Svalbard, are now online!


An electronic copy of my PhD-thesis, defended in 2014, can be found here!


   Welcome to my website!
I currently work as a researcher in glaciology at Uppsala University in Sweden. My research focuses on assessing the impact of changing climate conditions in the Arctic on glaciers and seasonal snow packs.


11/09/2018 - Publication in Journal of Glaciology
"Simulating climatic mass balance, seasonal snow development and associated freshwater runoff in the Kongsfjord basin, Svalbard (1980-2016)." by Pramanik et al. is now accepted for publication in Journal of Glaciology.

11/05/2018 - Publication in Geophysical Research Letters
"Dynamic response of a High Arctic glacier to melt and runoff variations" by Van Pelt et al. is now published in Geophysical Research Letters. Link

09/03/2018 - Publication in The Cryosphere
"Using SAR satellite data time series for regional glacier mapping" by Winsvold et al. is now published in The Cryosphere. Link

21/02/2018 - Publication in The Cryosphere
"Effects of undercutting and sliding on calving: a coupled approach applied to Kronebreen, Svalbard" by Vallot et al. is now published in The Cryosphere. Link

15/10/2017 - Publication in The Cryosphere
"Rapidly-changing subglacial hydrology pathways at a tidewater glacier revealed through simultaneous observations of water pressure, supraglacial lakes, meltwater plumes and surface velocities." by How et al. is now published in The Cryosphere. Link

03/10/2017 - Publication in Journal of Glaciology
"Dynamics of a fast-flowing tidewater glacier: complex spatio-temporal response to basal water input" by Vallot et al. is now published in Journal of Glaciology. Link

24/04/2017 - Fieldwork in Svalbard
We are back from our recent field campaign (April 19-28) to Nordenskiöldbreen, Svalbard. Helped by excellent weather conditions, we managed to succesfully complete all our field activities. For some first impressions of the fieldwork, please have a look here!