Ward van Pelt


Pictures of our annual field campaigns to Svalbard can be found here.


  • SIOS conference on remote sensing in Svalbard [online; 4-5 Jun.; link]
  • IASC Network on Arctic Glaciology annual meeting [Obergurgl, Austria; 28-30 Jan.; link]
  • Snow4all workshop [Kiruna, Sweden; 14-16 Jan.]


An electronic copy of my PhD-thesis, defended in 2014, can be found here!


   Welcome to my website!
I currently work as a researcher in glaciology at Uppsala University in Sweden. My research focuses on assessing the impact of changing climate conditions in the Arctic on glaciers and seasonal snow packs.


6-Jun-2020 :: SIOS online conference
At the SIOS online conference on remote sensing in Svalbard (4-5 June), I gave a talk about Modelling glacier climatic mass balance and snow conditions across Svalbard. Link

27-May-2020 :: Publication in Frontiers in Earth Science
The review paper "Reconciling Svalbard mass balance" by Schuler et al. is now published in Frontiers in Earth Science. Link

31-Jan-2020 :: IASC-NAG meeting
At the IASC-NAG workshop on the Dynamics and mass budget of Arctic glaciers (28-30 January), I gave a talk about Projected mass balance and snow conditions in Svalbard. Link

23-Jan-2020 :: Publication in SESS report
The review chapter "New data, new techniques and new challenges for updating the state of Svalbard glaciers (SvalGlac)" by Schuler et al. is now published in the SESS report 2019. Link

17-Jan-2020 :: Snow4all workshop
At a recent workshop in Kiruna (14-16 January), Sweden, we discussed progess in the VINNOVA project Snow4all (A snow quality assessment tool based on new techniques and Sami knowledge, Link).

9-Nov-2019 :: Svalbard Science Conference
At the Svalbard Science Conference - glaciology flagship meeting (6-8 November) in Oslo, Norway, I gave a talk about Future mass balance, snow conditions and runoff in Svalbard. Link

26-Oct-2019 :: Svalbard Snow Network meeting
At the Svalbard Snow Network meeting (22-25 October) in Warszawa, Poland, I gave a talk about Snow modelling in Svalbard.

03-Sep-2019 :: Publication in The Cryosphere
"A long-term dataset of climatic mass balance, snow conditions, and runoff in Svalbard (1957–2018)" by Van Pelt et al. is now published in The Cryosphere. Read more about this work under Research or access the article directly here.

30-Aug-2019: Publication in Polar Research
"Comparison of snow accumulation events on two High-Arctic glaciers to model-derived and observed precipitation" by Pramanik et al. is now published in Polar Research. Link

09-Jul-2019 :: Publication in The Cryosphere
"Thermal conductivity of firn at Lomonosovfonna, Svalbard, derived from subsurface temperature measurements" by Marchenko et al. is now published in The Cryosphere. Link

07-May-2019 :: Publication in Annals of Glaciology
"Characterization of seasonal glacial seismicity from a single-station on-ice record at Holtedahlfonna, Svalbard." by Köhler et al. is now published in Annals of Glaciology. Link

15-Apr-2019 :: Fieldwork in Svalbard
We just finished another successful field campaign to Lomonosovfonna, Svalbard. Some photos of the fieldwork can be found here!